Assembly Track

14 November
Room 1 A

9:30-11:00: Assembly on Multilevel Governance and National/Continental Advocacy, led by the Americas


Multilevel governance - understood as a complement and not an alternative to local autonomy - has become an opportunity for local and regional governments to be protagonists on the international stage.Further strengthening multi-level governance is both a challenge and a priority. The governance model needs to be innovative and integrated over the long term, supporting the participation of local and regional governments in the definition of national policies, and in particular national urban policies and regional development strategies for the localization of the SDGs, the achievement of the New Urban Agenda and other global challenges.


The Assembly on Multilevel Governance will assess the next steps towards ensuring a true multilevel and Multistakeholder governance and the role local and regional governments will play towards its consecution. The session will further address the issue of strategies around national and continental advocacy, by Sections, associations or members directly.


Mr. Luis Revilla, Mayor of La Paz, President of Mercociudades

Mr. Iván Arciénega, Mayor of Sucre, President of FLACMA

Mr. Johnny Araya Monge, Mayor of San José

Ms. Mónica Fein, Mayor of Rosario, Vicepresident of UCLG for Latin America

Ms. Fernanda Hassem, Mayor of Brasileia

Ms. Bev Esslinger, Councillor of Edmonton

Mr. Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor of Kitchener, Treasurer of UCLG


11:00-12:30: Assembly on Migration Management and Peacebuilding, led by MEWA


Migration, when considered at the local and regional level, is a matter of provision of basic services and ensuring equal access to rights within cities. The session will explore the relationship between migratory movements, the consolidation of peace at the local level, and the need for social cohesion policies at the local level to ensure the positive aspects of migration shine through.


The session, led by the Middle East and West Asia region, will also deal with the realities faced primarily by the local and regional governments in the region, such as the refugee crisis in Syria, and how to ensure peace within contexts of fragility and manage vast population flows


Mr. Yücel Yılmaz, Mayor of Balıkesir, Co-President of UCLG-MEWA

Mr. Mohammed Saadie, Mayor of Deirnbouh, President of Union of Municipalities of Dannieh, President of UCLG-MEWA

Mr. Mustafa Tunç Soyer, Mayor of İzmir

Mr. Musa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah, President of Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), Co-President of UCLG-MEWA

Ms. Şeyma Döğücü, Mayor of Sancaktepe

Ms. Zahra Ahmadi, Mayor of Nili (TBC)

Moderator: Mr. Mehmet Duman, Secretary General of UCLG-MEWA


14:30-16:00: Assembly on Public Space and Demographic Challenges, led by Metropolis


The challenges raised by the urbanisation process are becoming plain to see. In 2050, over 2/3 of the world population will live in cities, and 40% of the total world population is expected to reside in metropolitan areas with at least a million inhabitants.


The Assembly Session led by Metropolis will address the demographic growth in the coming decades, as well as the role of local and regional governments in addressing public space, and the policies that can be implemented to ensure equal access to it by all inhabitants.


Ms. Sawsan Chebli, State Secretary for Active Citizenship and International Relations of Berlin

Ms. Elisenda Alemany, Municipal Councillor of Barcelona City Council

Mr. Liu Baochun, Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou


Luis Revilla

Mayor of La Paz, President of Mercociudades

Bill Karsten

Councillor of Halifax Regional Municipality, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

Mohamed Saadieh

President of Union of Municipalities of Dannieh (Lebanon) and President of UCLG MEWA

Sawsan Chebil

State Secretary for International Relations of the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery

Liu Baochun

Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou