Local Action For The People – UCLG CONGRESS / Assembly Track

This track will have local and regional government representatives as the key drivers. It aims at allowing continental, sectoral and thematic priorities that contribute to the global policies of the Organization of Local and Regional Governments. UCLG Sections as well as sister organizations of local governments will be invited to develop position papers to be presented during the Assembly sittings.

The sittings will be organized in high level round tables organized continentally or by sector, based on positions papers developed on the run up to the Congress. The contents will be further submitted to the World Assembly of Local Regional Governments.

There are 5 policy position papers that will be shared at the meetings of this track during the UCLG Congress:

The results of the discussions of these meetings with UCLG sections with the general input of the Congress with other actors such as civil society, national governments, communities and other stakeholders will be the pillar of the new policies that will be part of the organisation for the coming years.



Action locale pour les communautés - UCLG CONGRESS / Le circuit Assemblée
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